Investors, NSE issues alert on Locky Ransomware

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Locky Ransomeware: New Enemy of Trading

NSE has directed its members to keep a close watch on their operating systems for timely detection of ‘Locky Ransomware’ following a government alert on the spread of this malware.

Rival BSE had also asked its trading members and listed firms to take preventive measures to protect their computer networks from the ransomware. Locky Ransomware scrambles the contents of a computer or server and demands payment to unlock them, usually in form of virtual currency bitcoins.

The latest alerts from NSE and BSE follow similar advisories about WannaCry and Petya ransomewares. “Keep the operating system third party applications (MS office, browsers, browser plugins) up-to-date with the latest patches,” NSE said in a circular.

It also suggested updation of firmware for all network components and network products. It ensure that anti-virus signatures are updated on all assets and blocking of suspicious IP addresses on firewall as well as of USB usage.

“As the future course of events with regards to this threat (Locky Ransomware) are not known, members are advised to keep a close watch on their systems to identify timely detection and remediation of this threat,” NSE said. The government on September 2 had issued an alert on spread of Locky Ransomware.

Trading Tips According to Today’s Market

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Justdail: Buy, Stoploss –  384, Target –  394/399

Jetairways: Buy, Stoploss –  573.5, Target – 586/592

DHFL: Buy, Stoploss –  545, Target –  555/560

Tataglobal: Buy, Stoploss – 6.5, Target – 9/10

Coal India : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 247, Target – Rs 265

Ramco Cement : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 719, Target – Rs 775

Jain Irrigation : Buy, Stoploss – 102 bucks, Target – 107 rupees

HEG : Buy, Stoploss – Rs. 704, Target – 727/734


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Breaking News: Star India captures IPL over next five seasons

New Delhi: Star India has managed to get its Television and Digital Rights by bidding the maximum of 16,347.50 crores for the IPL’s Global Media Rights. For the next five years, the broadcast rights of the IPL will remain with Star India.

Let us know that for the broadcast rights of 2018 to 2022, the BCCI had organized the auction, in which star India has achieved success by making the highest bid.

Star India captures IPL over next five seasons 

Now all rights to show IPL will be with Star India for next five years. Under the auction, Star India will have rights to broadcast outside the country except for television, internet and mobile.

Let us tell you that earlier this year, the rights of Sony Pictures were with the IPL’s first season, but this time Star India has taken possession of all rights of the broadcast by almost double the bid for the last time.

These companies have auctioned auction

About 24 companies had shown interest in India and abroad from across the country before the auction. Later, due to the incompetence of the BCCI, 6 companies were excluded from the auction process.

Only 14 of the 18 companies that were included in the auction took part in the auction held today. Finally, the companies that were shortlisted on the basis of the necessary papers were selected for two Indian (Sony Pictures and Star India) for Indian Broadcast and (BroadSport, Yip TV, Econet and OSM) for Foreign Broadcast.

In the race to get Digital rights, Airtel, Reliance Jio and Times were included. But by all the companies having a bid of more than Rs. 16,347.50 crore, Star India got possession of all rights for the next five years.

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Trading Tips According to Today’s Market

IOC: Sell, stoploss – Rs 435, target – Rs 414

Tata Elevasy: Buy, StopLoss 1692, Target – 1800

Wakahort: Buy, Stoplaus – Rs 610, Target – Rs.700

Tata Elexix: Buy, StopLoss 1715, Target – 1800

Arvind: Buy, StopLoss-381, Goal 408

Vedanta: Buy, Stoploss – 8 rupees, Target – 15-18 rupees

ONGC: Buy, Stoploss Rs 158, Target-170

Heroomoto Corp: Sell, StopLoss 4100, Target Rs 3800

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Option Trading Strategy- Best Stock Option Tips-ProfitAim

Day Traders Choose Option Tips for Option Trading

To achieve higher returns in the stock market, besides doing more homework there is one more option available with traders. They can take the services of investment advisory firm in the form of option tips.

With options offering leverage and loss-limiting capabilities, it would seems like day trading options would be a great idea for traders urge for higher returns. In reality, however, the day trading option strategy has a several advantages as well as disadvantages. Let us see –

Advantages of Option trading strategy

  1. Cost- Options are an inexpensive way to gain access to the underlying investment without having to buy stock.
  2. Leverage- Options enable investors to stump up less money and obtain additional gain.
  3. Marketability – Option contracts trade on an exchange and as such are standardized.
  4. Hedging – Option Trading may be used to limit losses.
  5. Return enhancement – Option contracts may be used to enhance return on investment.
  6. Diversification – One can replicate an actual stock portfolio with the options on those very stocks.

Disadvantages of Option trading Strategy

  1. Cost – As a form of insurance, an option contract may expire worthless. This risk increases the greater the extent to which the option is out of the money and the shorter the time until expiration.
  2. Leverage – Investors should realize that options leverage can impact performance on the down side as well.
  1. Marketability – Regulatory intervention can prevent exercise which may not be desirable.
  2. Hedging – The investor may end up being incorrect as to the direction and timing of a stock price and may implement a less than perfect hedge.
  3. Return enhancement -The investor may end up being incorrect as to the direction and timing of a stock price, rendering the attempt at enhanced portfolio return worthless.
  4. Diversification – Diversification cannot eliminate systematic risk.
  5. Regulation – Restrictions upon exercise may occur by regulatory fiat (OCC, SEC, court, other regulatory agency).

Besides upwards or downwards trends, ProfitAim have best option trading strategies for their option investors where they will definitely earn profit whether there is movement or no movement in the underlying stock price. We ensure that by investing in options, the trader can profit from our stock option tips, no matter which direction the market heads.

Stocks To Watch

Stocks to Watch

By keeping an eye on every movement of shares, your investment can be safely done. Here we are telling such stocks which will remain in the news today and on which the market will look.

Hero Motto / TVS Motors

Hero Moto’s total sales went up 10 percent to 6.78 million units in August. Total sales of TVS Motors increased by 16% to 3.17 lakh units in August, TVS Motors exports increased by 33.7 per cent to 45,604 units.

Aurobindo Pharma

US FDA completes its investigation of the company’s JV Eugenia Pharma Specialties. According to sources, eugenia pharma specialties got clean chit.

Reliance capital

Today is the last day of buying shares with home finance business. Company will separate home finance business. Today, the buyer will get shares of the home finance company.

Ashok Leyland / Tata Motors

The Delhi government has approved the purchase of 1000 CNG buses. DTC will spend 330 crores to buy new buses.

Gtp hathway

The company has received an order worth Rs 19.28 crore from the Gujarat Government to install internet broadband in the home department’s offices.

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Best Equity Stock Cash trading Tips

How to Evaluate Best Segment for Equity Trading

Regular traders are all aware from Intraday Equity Trading, which involves buying and selling of stocks in the same trading day. Daily traders usually prefer this kind of trading with the aim of earning daily profits/losses. They don’t have the intention of long term investments.

During Intraday Trading, traders have to specify the particular orders predestined for intraday trading. As the orders are squared off before the end of the trading day, it is also called as Intraday Trading. One should learn intraday trading tips in order to avoid losses without facing any difficulties.

Derivatives: Future and Option Trading

Future Trading refers to buying or selling stocks at a certain time in the future at a certain price.

Option Trading gives the right, but not an obligation, to buy or sell the underlying stocks at a presumed date and at a presumed price. While a buyer of an option pays the premium and buys the right to exercise his option, the writer of an option is the one who receives the option premium and therefore obliged to sell/buy the asset if the buyer exercises it on him.

Benefits of Futures and Options Trading:

1) Ability to Transfer Risk to Willing Trader

2) Capable to Make Profit with Minimum amount of Risk on Capital

3) Lower transaction costs

4) Provides liquidity, enables price discovery in underlying market

5) Derivatives market is lead economic indicators

Equity Cash: Stock Cash Trading

Cash trading, basically involves buying and selling of securities using a cash account. So capital needed for buying the securities is done on a cash to cash basis and does not involve margin or loans. In cash trading, after buying the securities, the investor has to pay in amount in cash within two days.

Small traders or investors who intend to make profits with minimal risk usually invest in Equity cash of any company which is listed in NSE Nifty or BSE Sensex. ProfitAim experts harness the movement of stock indices and provide Stock Cash tips, Stock Option Tips, and Stock future tips. There is no huge investment required for Stock Cash Trading; traders can easily harness good profit with proper guidance of expert advisory firm.

Lessons from Stock Market Trading Along With Stock Option tips

Lessons from Stock Market Trading

A market is a noisy place, and a stock market is no exception. This statement belong to you as well, if your investment decisions are based on such rapidly changing and swinging rumors, you can only lose money in the long run, though you might make a few bucks in a few transactions. Traders can absorb the profits from this with the help of stock option tips.

There are so many lessons that you may learn from stock market and can apply it in your lifestyle as well as in trading career. ProfitAim as an best advisory firm, would advice their clients for being update with the global events, maintain discipline and have patience while trading.

Liquidity Strongly Affects
In Stock Market, liquidity is a qualitative measure used to evaluate how easy it is to buy and sell shares without seeing any drastic change in stock price. But liquidity measurement can never be done on the basis of observing only one quantity of stock volume.


Spending countless hours and Jumping from stocks to stocks is not covers under discipline trading. Traders should stick to one strategy while trading for expecting unexpected results.

Global events play a bigger role

Stock market strongly affected by global events, as foreign institutional investors pour money in the country. Traders need to keep updated themselves with the global news so that they can earn good profits with the strong support of fundamentals.

Derivatives are cheaper than Cash market

Trading in derivatives includes future and option trading. Derivatives are way cheaper than the cash market. But they come with great investing risk.

Profit Earning is not difficult task in this market, but traders need to follow some virtues to become successful trader. Along with Stock option tips for Stock Option Trading, ProfitAim provides proper guidance which is expected from the expert advisory firms. In Trading, Risk is essential when we urge for unexpected profits, but risk should never exceed risk bearing capacity.

No Expiry will be Applicable on Option Trading

From Now No Expiry will be Applicable on Option Trading

NSE has given option traders a good option. Traders have the option of not canceling the money option on the day of expiry today.

Let us know that NSE and BSE have given new options in options trading, under which Index will have the option of Do Not Exercise in Stock Options. Explain that these options will be available in these money deals on expiry day, you have to choose from this option from 4:30 am to 5 pm. Significantly, the Out of Money Deal exchange will cut itself as before.
Derivatives Experts said that the option of Do Not Exercise will not give STT and the premium will not be available in these money options.

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