Are Forex Signals useful in making Profits?

Like Stock Market, Forex Market is also a lucrative avenue for the traders and investors. While, in Stock trading, one trades on the basis of expert advisory firms like ProfitAim Research, which provided accurate Stock Cash Tips and Stock Futures Tips. In the similar fashion, the trader or the investor can also trade in the Foreign exchange or currency market.

Forex is a multi currency exchange where a trader can trade different currencies. The various foreign exchange or currency exchange rates are listed in the exchange. The traders trading in the Forex Exchange market must follow some strategy to trade in the Forex market. He can take help of some advisory firms giving forex signals from time to time to trade profitably.

Make Real Profits with Forex Trading

A forex signal is an advice given to buy or sell a particular currency pair at a particular price and at a particular time. The point is whether the trading based on Forex trading signal is beneficial for a trader can make real profits while trading based on forex signals. As these signals are generated after in-depth technical analysis performed by analysts in the advisory firms, the effectiveness of the signals depending on the expertise and experience of the analyst. Also at times the Forex signals are provided by some automated robots which work on some mathematical formulae and calculations to give the Forex signals. In this case the effectiveness of the Forex trading signals depends on the algorithm adopted by the Robot to calculate the signals.

It is also the case that predicting the forex variations with 100 percent accuracy is not possible by any analyst. Thus, there is always a risk factor involved while trading in the forex markets. Thus a trader can make profits based on the probability of correctness of the signal. He can make profit in 7 or 8 trades out of 10 trades and in overall sense can make good profits.

Source of Forex Signals

These forex signals are communicated by email or sms from time to time by the best trading tips provider to the traders. These signals include the entry price levels and exit price levels along with proper stop loss to exit the trade without incurring heavy loss. The forex signals also state which currency pair one should trade to make good profit.

The national and international news has a good impact on the price movements in the Forex markets. So the trader should keep himself acquainted about the national and International news also. Thus the news based trading is also an effective way of trading in Forex or Stock market. One can trade in the forex at the times when some potential news is about to come. Thus, on the breaking of the news the traders or investors can take the benefit of momentum or trade due to the impact of the news.

Similarly, in the case of stocks, one can trade in the stocks which are in the news especially with stock cash tips. Thus, the trader can take the benefit of the volatility of stocks in the news.

SEBI Meeting: Decisions taken on Shell Companies

Today there is a crucial meeting of the SEBI Board. According to sources, in this meeting, concrete strategies can be made to take action against Shell companies. Laxman, what is going to be special in this meeting of SEBI Board.

This meeting of the SEBI Board will be a special discussion on the Shell companies. Details of SEBI’s action will be presented in the meeting. So far, more than 300 listed shell companies and about 100 unlisted shell companies have been identified. Let us know that on August 7, 331 Shell companies were banned.
In today’s key meeting, a solution to the investors’ money laundering will be discussed and the law of action against Shell companies will be considered. In today’s meeting, a new process for resolving the disputes quickly and the restriction on trading through different pan from the same company will also be discussed.

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IPO of ICICI LOMBARD- Valuation By Experts

According to our estimates, fair value of the company lies between Rs. 300-380/share. We have often seen that a particular sector becoming favorite of the market and new listings take advantage of it to list at premium valuations. We are cautious on entire financial space as it underestimates risk of business model and we believe its not the right time to get aggressive at such peak valuations. ProfitAim Research focus in every stream of share market, as every updates or news affects the price movements of the stocks. Our market experts derive stock option tips and best option tips after proper market analysis.

Issue Date: Sep 15, 2017 – Sep 19, 2017

Face Value: INR 10 per equity share

Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO

Issue Size: Offer for Sale of 8,62,40,000 shares

Issue Size: INR 5,700 Cr.

Price Band: INR Rs 651 – 661 per equity share

Market Lot: 22 Shares approx

Minimum Order Quantity: 22 Shares

Listing at: BSE, NSE


About the company

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited largest private‐sector non‐life insurer in India based on gross direct premium income in fiscal 2017. Incorporated in 2000, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd founded as a joint venture between with ICICI Bank Limited and Fairfax Holdings Canada.


It offers customers a range of products, including motor, health, crop/weather, fire, personal accident, marine, engineering and liability insurance, through multiple distribution channels. In fiscal 2017, the company issued approximately 17.7 million policies and their gross direct premium income was Rs.107.25 billion, translating into a market share, on a gross direct premium income basis, of 8.4% among all non‐life insurers in India and 18.0% among private‐sector non‐life insurers in India.


Handle COMEX Trading With Commodity Tips

Trading in Comex market is an art. For a trader who is new in the Comex market, a proper and in depth knowledge of the COMEX market is essential. The trader can rely on the technical analysis for trading in the Comex market with Commodity Tips as well as for getting appropriate Stock Cash Tips. The technical analysis is a field of analyzing the charts of the price movements in the commodity exchange.  The technical analysis is based on various technical indicators like moving averages and RSI Indicators. To trade with technical analysis requires an in depth knowledge of the Technical analysis field. However, for a beginner the learning of technical analysis will take time. He can in this case follow the trend strategy to trade.

In a trend strategy the prices are expected to move in trends. The trend can be an uptrend, a down trend or a flat trend. The task of the trader is to identify the type of trend the price movements are in. Thus, if the trend is an uptrend the trader is expected to buy the commodity. That if the price moves up, the trader can sell it at a higher price and gain profit. On the other hand, if the trend is a down trend the trader can sell the commodity, and then can buy at the subsequent time to gain profit. The basic methodology is same. That is to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price the trade will be profitable.

If the trader is not comfortable even with this strategy, he can take the advice from some share market advisory firms about when to buy or sell. These advisory firms have professional and experienced analysts who perform the in depth fundamental and Technical analysis and give the Stock Cash Tips with an appropriate stop loss. Also, it is always advisable to trade with a proper stop loss.

COMEX Trading with Commodity Tips

A person who wants to trade or invest in commodity market can do so through COMEX. The trader can trade or invest in precious metals like COMEX gold, COMEX silver or agri commodities like soybean and non agri commodities like crude oil. A person who wants to trade profitably in the COMEX market, he should follow some strategy to anticipate the price movements.

This is the category of trading that the majority of the traders follows. The traders can take help of the COMEX tips or Commodity tips by the leading advisory firms like ProfitAim Research, which use the technical analysis to anticipate and forecast the price movements in the COMEX.

In the long term trading, the trader buys the commodity for a long term. He keeps the commodity for at least a year or so. This type of trading depends on the factors affecting the economic growth and national and international factors.

For all the above methods of trading in the COMEX the key is to anticipate the COMEX signals movements. The trader can trade himself with his own strategy or can also take the help of best advisory firms for their advice.

North Korea Tainted Another Missile, Asian Market Declines

North Korea misses the missile launch. North Korea has tested the IRBF missile again today and this missile has passed over Japan. North Korean dictator Kim Jong has threatened to sink Japan in the sea. After North Korea’s missile test, UNSC has convened an emergency meeting.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s missile launch has increased pressure in Asian markets. Both Equity and Commodity market get affected by this move of North Korea, looking for share market tips then join the services of ProfitAim. Japan’s market Nikkei is trading 29 points i.e. a marginal increase of 0.15 percent at 19,836.4 level. However, Hang Seng dropped by 203 points i.e. 0.75 per cent to 27,575. SGX Nifty is trading 67.5 points i.e. 0.7 percent with weakness at 10,056.5 level.

The index of the Korean market has dropped by 0.4 percent, while the Straits Times has seen a weakness of around 0.5 percent. The move of the Taiwan index seems flat.

Abe said- It is not Tolerable

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe said that the action of North Korea’s provocation will not be tolerated at all. We will give Kim Jong-answer to them. – Japan’s Chief Spokesperson Yoshibide Suga said that North Korea will be given a strong answer.


Get Investment Success With These Stock Option Tips

Everyone seems to believe that they can easily generate great returns for them with stock market trading. No management analysis or reading annual reports or history of business/industry can give returns until the price movement of stock is analyzed by both fundamental and technical analysts. We at ProfitAim, daily perform technical and fundamental analysis at daily and as a result we come up with best stock option tips.

Traders really need to ask themselves do we want to generate good returns just for short span of 2-3 years or for intraday basis.

Traders have a myth to get rich overnight. With Intraday trading, this myth can become possible by earning intraday profits. There is no award for reaching the goal early, especially if you’re taking high risk. If we are reaching our goal by taking lowest possible risk we are doing it right. No one can take away our goal from us.

Investment success of the greatest investors’ is outcome of a particular process they were following throughout their investment career. They stuck to it despite underperformance because they were certain it would work eventually.

ProfitAim Experts have “Value investing Philosophy”

At ProfitAim Research, we do not believe in fantasy and don’t get influenced by the market. We take unbiased view of any stock under analysis. We have experts who have value investing philosophy and they are always remaining certain with our research process, which will definitely generate wealth with the support of stock option tips.

Investors shouldn’t forget market will always be like a pendulum, it will always swing from one extreme to the other.

Methods And Assumptions Used for Stock Market Technical Analysis

The technical analysis along with the fundamental analysis has proved beneficial to the people in the past to generate best stock cash tips. Here are some of the important methodsand assumptions used in technical analysis.

Methods Used in Technical Analysis

  • Trend Method
  • Indicators Method
  • Pattern Methods

Trend Method: In trend method the general trend or the price movements are identified. It is always advisable to trade with the trend and not against the trend. The trend line method is a detailed method of deciding trend of the price movements. It is an effective way of trading.

Indicators Methods: In this method various indicators are calculated and are plotted on the charts. Indicators like moving averages and RSI are assumed to provide adequate information about the price movements and price reversals. These also have been considered by many as the best way to anticipate the price movements

Pattern Methods: It depends on the hypothesis that history repeats itself in the case of price movements and thus specific patterns have been found to repeat it again and again. Thus, some common patterns are extensively studied in the technical analysis domain.

Trading in the stock market or the commodity market is an art. For a person who wants to gain good profits from the stock market either he should first try to study the stock market or the commodity market wherein he wants to invest or try Stock Cash Tips provided by technical experts. For a technical trader the charts are the most important entity. A trader must closely look at the daily charts, weekly charts as well as monthly charts. Also, he must look at the various patterns which are forming regularly in the charts. The various patterns are tentative to repeat it as the emotions in the market repeat itself on similar situations.

Three Important Assumptions of Technical Analysis

The three important assumptions of technical analysis include that

  1. Firstly the market accounts for everything in it. That is the prices in the stock markets are self contained and include all information. That is, there is no need to look at the economic factors or the condition of the company. The price data contain all this information.
  2. Second assumption states that the prices tend to move with the trend. That is the prices will move either in an uptrend or in a down trend. Thus a trader must take the advantage of the present trend and should always trade with the present trend. It is not advisable to trade against the trend.
  3. The third assumption states that the history repeats itself, especially in the case of market prices. Thus, regular patterns are identified in the market and are expected to repeat itself.

Thus, it takes a lot of time to master the trading strategies or the art of trading. Also for the newbie or the person having not much experience in trading in the stock market, one must first form the strategy and then do the paper trading without really investing in the market right from the beginning. The newbie trader can also trade based on the stock cash tips from expert advisory firms like ProfitAim Research.

Intraday Trading Tips According to Today Market Prediction

ProfitAim provide these accurate intraday trading tips according to stock market prediction done by research experts to their clients.

DIVISLAB: Buy, Stoploss – 837, Target – 858/865

AUROPHARMA: Buy, Stoploss – 765, Target – 780/785

INDIACEM: Buy, Stoploss – 5.5, Target – 9.2/11

Reliance Industries : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 831, Target – 891

Sun Pharma : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 486, Target – Rs 540

Oriental Bank : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 129, Target – Rs 138

Jubilant FoodWorks : Sell, Stoploss – Rs 1341, Target – Rs 1272

An Insight on Technical Analysis

For a person to trade effectively in the stock market or the commodity market, he must follow some strategy to trade so that he can follow a proper path to incur profits in the trade. Most of the people follow technical analysis for trading. Technical analysis is a whole field to determine or anticipate the future price movements. Analysis is based on the past data on price and volume to determine the future trends of the market. Technical analysis is not based on the real value of the stock or the commodity, but depends on the past trends and movements of the stocks and commodities.

Various advisory firms hire experienced technical analysts to generate accurate Stock Cash Tips as well as Stock Future Tips. One can rely on these tips also but the advisory firm should be a reputed one.

Assumptions for Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is based on the following assumptions:

  • The market describes everything in it.
  • The prices of the stocks move in the trend
  • The history will tend to repeat itself several times.

The market describes everything in it

The technical analysis does not consider the fundamental analysis to account for the price movements. It considers that the price movements account for everything and there is no need to consider the fundamentals and other economic factors while analyzing the price movements.

The prices of the stocks move in a trend

In technical analysis, it is assumed that the prices follow trends. That is, they use to move in the trends. Thus, if the stock or the commodity prices are moving in an uptrend, there is a high probability that it will continue to do so. Similarly, if the prices are in down trend they will continue to move down. In technical analysis, it is always advised to trend with the trend and not against the trend.

The history will tend to repeat itself several times

In technical analysis, it is believed that the historical price movements will repeat itself. In other words the price movement behaviors will tend to repeat it. Thus, in technical analysis the charts are studied and regular patterns which repeat themselves are identified. These patterns are expected to repeat themselves. These patterns are studied extensively in the technical analysis.

Thus, technical analysis can be used to predict the stock or commodity price movements. We at  ProfitAim Research have experienced technical analysts who give accurate share market tips and calls so that one can trade effectively and profitably.

The selection of the advisory firm which provide accurate Stock Cash Tips and Stock Future Tips is the key to success in the Stock Market. Some parameter to judge the credibility of advisory firms are:

  • The advisory firm should be SEBI registered Investment Advisory Firm. This will ensure that the advisory firm is reputed and follows standard procedures.
  • The advisory firm should have other accretions and certifications like ISO 9001.

These factors will ensure that the advisory firm is a genuine one and one can benefit from it by trading successfully.

ProfitAim Experts Apply These Strategies to Derive Best Stock Option Tips

Stock Trading is a business, which should be done carefully. There are chances of huge profits and at the same time there are chances of heavy losses. There is a 50 % probability of a trade to go success. To avoid incurring heavy losses, the principles of risk management must be used. Also expert advice from technical advisors in the form of best stock option tips and stock future tips can be taken to trade effectively in the stock market.

Use These Stock Option tips to Analyze F&O Market Effectively

Trading in Stock Market is an art and it takes a long time to master this art and trade profitably in the stock or commodity market. The stock market trading can be done by using one of the below mentioned strategies:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Trading Based on News
  • Index Method based Trading
  • Stock Market Tips based Trading

Technical analysis: In technical analysis, the technical or the price movements of the commodities or the stock is analyzed. The previous or past price movements are taken as a basis for the anticipation of future price movements. In technical analysis various indexes or indicators like weighted average and moving averages are calculated and plotted. For example, one can plot 7 days moving averages and 14 days moving averages. When these graphs cross each other it gives a buy or a sell signal. Technical analysis is a whole indepth branch and to be experts in this field require a lot of effort and time.

Fundamental Analysis: In fundamental analysis the financial fundamentals of the studied to determine the suitability of the company for the investment. The profits incurred and the financial data shared by the company form a basis of the investment.

Trading Based on News:  The national and international news have a very strong impact on the price movements or the price fluctuations. Thus the latest news can be made as a basis for trading profitably and effectively.

Index Method based Trading: The index-based method is related to the diversification of the portfolio of trader. The trader can invest in different sectors so that there is a mix of movement in  the case of the down-fall of a particular sector. This method has been found effective in making moderate profits.

Stock Market Tips: Best Trading Strategy

Stock Market Tips based Trading: In all the method listed above, there should be a detailed knowledge of the tactics involved and knowledge should be of expert level to trade effectively and profitably. For a newbie who is new to the stock market or commodity market  and don’t have much experience, they can rely on the advice of the stock market advisory firms which give advice based on the analysis by the above listed methods. These expert advisory firms have expert technical analysts and fundamental analysts who do in-depth analysis and give accurate stock market tips in the form of stock option tips.

Thus above are the methods or strategies to trade effectively in the stock or the commodity markets.  Apart  from the above strategies it is imperative that one take the support of best advisory companies like ProfitAim Research by utilizing their best option tips and stock future tips to benefit from the stock market.