Top Five Equity Trading Tips for Beginners

Top Five Equity Trading Tips for Beginners

A new trader who is beginning his trading career in Stock market may get confused easily and can incur losses in the stock trading. The trader should try to take advice from some pioneer advisory firms like ProfitAim Research, which provide best share market tips in the form of Stock Cash Tips, Stock Future Tips as well as stock option tips.

Tips beneficial for Stock Trading or Equity Trading

Below, we are discussing the top five equity trading tips which the traders must follow before jumping into the equity markets.

  • The Trader should first learn the basics

The traders should first learn the basics and should try to acquire knowledge about the market before start trading right away. There are high risks for the beginners to incur losses in the market.

  • The Trader should learn some trading strategy and should try to stick to it.

The trader should follow some strategy and master it before start investing in the market. The trader can do practice and can do a lot of paper-trade before start investing the real money in the market.

  • The Trader should not get overwhelmed by the market situations

The trader should not get overwhelmed and should also not get enticed by the market situation. In fact the trader should keep his calm while trading.

  • The Trader should not panic when the trade moves in the opposite direction than anticipated

While trading there is a possibility that the trade may go in the opposite direction and we may incur loss. In this case the trader should act calmly and should be overcome by the results.

  • The Trader should not trade too much

The trader should try to do limited trading. He should not be swayed away by the emotion of eagerness and greed.


Thus above are the ways a trader trading in the Equity market should keep in mind while trading. Also they can learn the art of trading by learning technical analysis. The technical analysis is a whole in depth field and requires time to master. By devoting time and support of  stock future tips he can be successful in the Stock Future market.

Some of the important concepts used in technical analysis are plotting the charts of various indicators. Indicators like moving averages and oscillators like RSI are the prime indexes to anticipate the price movements. The various characteristics shown in the charts like crossing of two different moving averages will give appropriate buy or sell signals.

Trading with the Help of Charts

Trading based on study of charts is the branch of Technical Analysis. The charts are plotted between the price movements on the Y axis and Time on the X axis. The time axis can be taken based on the analyst’s choice. For example the charts can be 5 minute chart, 1 hour chart or 1 day chart, depending on the time frame of analyst’s needs. Also, various indicators are plotted to generate the buy and sell signals.

A trader can rely on the Stock Future Tips and Commodity Tips generated by expert technical analysts or can also trade on his own by learning the Technical Analysis.

IPO of SBI Life- Valuation By Experts

IPO of SBI Life- Valuation By Experts

It has been proved that, SBI Life Insurance ranks higher than any other private life insurer. It leads in new business premium growth, claim settlement ratio and product mix. We observe that SBI Life has good persistency ratio of >60% in 61st month (meaning 60%+ people do not stop paying premium at the end of 5th year)

ProfitAim Research focus in every stream of share market, as every updates or news affects the price movements of the stocks. Our market experts derive Stock cash tips and sure shot and Intraday Stock Cash tips after proper market analysis.

Issue Date: Sep 20, 2017 – Sep 22, 2017

Face Value: INR 10 per equity share

Issue Size: Offer for Sale of 120,000,000 Equity Shares

Issue Size: Rs 8,400.00 Cr

Price Band: Rs 685 – Rs 700 Per Equity Share

Market Lot: 21 Shares approx

Minimum Order Quantity: 21 Shares

Listing at: BSE, NSE 

About the company

SBI Life Insurance Company Limited (SBI Life) is the largest life insurance company in  India in terms of New Business Premium (NBP) with the highest 20.04% market share. It was incorporated in March 2001 as a joint venture between largest PSU bank SBI(74%) and global insurance company BNP Paribas Cardif (BNPPC) (26%) with equity capital of Rs.125Cr. Initially, the business was operated only through the agency channel with 719 advisors and by end of FY03 bancassurance channel was launched, which has now become an immense network covering rural and urban India. In FY06,SBI Life became the first private life insurance company to achieve profits above the breakeven with Rs.2.03Cr profit. Today, they have pan-India presence through multi-level distribution channels comprising 803 branches with an AUM of Rs.101226Cr.

  • SBI Life, sixteen year old company is the most trusted name in the Indian life insurance industry.
  • They are among the top 4 private life insurers having 24.2% CAGR renewal premium growth in FY14-17 and being the most cost efficient with just 11.6% total cost ratio.
  • Multichannel distribution network is the strength of business comprises the largest bancassurance network with 26,367 branches and the most productive agency workforce of 95,355 individual agents.