Know All About The World of Stock Market

For a person who wants to earn profit from the Stock Market, he must first understand the basics of the stock market. The stock market operates through two major exchanges.

  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)
  • NSE ( National Stock Exchange)

Nifty is the key index for NSE( National Stock Exchange) and Sensex is the key index for BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange).From both these exchanges, a trader or an investor can buy  equity shares  at the market price and can sell them for a profit or a loss depending on the price movements of the stock. Thus anticipation of the price movements is the most important part in making a good profit from the stock market.

At ProfitAim Research, we provide accurate Stock Cash Tips for the trader to initiate the buying or selling of the stocks. The tips tell a trader about the expected price movements and how to gain a profit by selling or buying the stocks at the proper time.

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Beginners Keep first step with Paper Trading

A beginner in this field should not directly jump into the market with real investment. He should paper trade first based on any strategy he follows and only after he is confident he should start trading in the stock market with real investments. A beginner can also take the help and advice of advisory firms dealing with stock and commodity markets. These advisory firms have experienced analysts who on the basis of their analysis, generate a lot of buy and sell calls. These analysts generate the calls based on technical analysis and various intraday strategies. In the technical analysis they plot various indicators, including moving averages and exponential moving averages.

Exponential Moving Averages: Strategy

Exponential moving averages are the moving averages with exponential weights. An example of using exponential moving average strategy is to draw the EMA with 5 periods and 15 periods. Then the relative crossover of these exponential moving averages will indicate the buy and the sell signals. These moving averages show the trend in the price movements and the crossover indicates the reversal in the trends. Thus exponential moving averages are very useful tools of technical analysis and help in determining the trends.

The art of paper trading should be followed for success in stock trading. The paper trading is a process in which no real money or virtual money is invested. Thus, by doing paper trading in the beginning, there are no risks of losing real money. This will help to practice the strategy and will help the trader, learn the principles of the trading. The trader can learn from his mistakes and can also modify the strategy. It is highly advisable to use some paper trading platform which is available.

Thus trading in the stock market, especially with best stock cash tips, should be learnt first and then the tactics should be applied to gain good profits.


How to Trade Wisely in Stock Market Fluctuations

Trading in the stock market is an art. In order to gain profits and to be a winner, the key is to anticipate the price movements of the equity or the commodity. A trader who wants to trade in the stock market can use one of the available strategies or techniques for trading or can also trade on the basis of Stock Cash Tips from expert investment advisors.

Trading in the stock market is not a cake walk for many. It is the business which involves a high probability of losses and financial risks. For a beginner in the stock market field, it is advisable that he should try to get an in depth knowledge of the stock market fields. He should understand various tactics involved and the risks involved with various types of trading styles.

Two Broad Ways of Trading in Stock Market

The two broad ways of trading in the stock market  or the equity market are on the basis of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. While the technical analysis is based on the price movements and Historic Price Movements, the fundamental analysis if based on the past performance( Gain or Loss) of the company.

Technical analysis: In technical analysis, the technicals or the graphs and movements of the equity or a commodity is analyzed. The graphs of various indicators like moving averages and weighted averages are plotted and different characteristics of the graphs are identified to have a buy or a sell signal. Thus, by doing the technical analysis, based on the previous price movements we can anticipate or predict the future price movements. At “Profit Aim Research”, we do indepth technical analysis to predict the price movements and give accurate calls. We provide accurate equity tips and MCX tips based on technical analysis done by our technical experts.

Fundamental analysis: In fundamental analysis the fundamentals of the company are analyzed. The total value of the company, the profits earned by the company in the previous years and the recent quarters are analyzed. The stake holding of the company and various indicators based on the value of the shares is calculated. Based on the indicators calculated, it can be decided that whether a company is worth of investment. Thus, by doing the fundamental analysis, we can predict the future growth aspects of a company and how the company is going to perform in the next few years. We at ProfitAim research have experts doing accurate fundamental analysis. Based on this fundamental analysis, we provide accurate equity tips which give information about the companies having good fundamentals and are a right choice for investment.


Thus, by doing accurate technical analysis and fundamental analysis one can predict the price movements and a person can buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price to gain profits. Similarly a person can first sell at higher prices and then buy at lower prices to gain profit. At ProfitAim, we provide accurate call including when to buy a particular equity or a commodity and when to sell it. We at ProfitAim research, provide accurate Stock Cash Tips or equity cash tips including equity tips and MCX tips.

Highlights of Major Decisions Taken in 21st GST Council Meet

A crucial meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council took place on Saturday to discuss key issues relating to implementation of the new tax regime. Chaired by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the 21st meeting of the GST Council was attended by finance ministers of states and GST Secretariat officials. After the second review meeting post the Goods and Services Tax roll out, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley briefed media about the GST council meeting.

Below are the key highlights from the GST council meeting.

  • Artisans with turnover of up to Rs 20 lakh exempt from registration under GST.
  • Last date for filing of sales return or GSTR-1 extended by a month to October 10, 2017.
  • FM Arun Jaitley says overall GST collection robust with over 70 percent of eligible taxpayers filing returns of about Rs 95,000 crore.
  • GST rate on about 30 items like roasted gram, idli/dosa batter, oilcakes, raincoats, rubber bands reduced.
  • Jaitley says 5 percent GST will have to be paid by firms having registered trademark on May 15, 2017 for commodities.
  • Khadi sold through KVIC stores to be exempted from GST; no additional burden on small cars will be levied by way of additional cess.
  • Small petrol, diesel and hybrid cars to see no cess hike; mid-segment cars to attract 2 percent additional cess, large size cars 5 percent and SUV 7 percent.
  • Jaitley said- “the portal did face technical glitches on two-three occasions due to overload”.
  • GST filing portal encountering increasing technical glitches. The Council has decided to set up a five-member ministerial panel to oversee its functioning and smoothen the process.

The Stocks that had positive affected by the decisions taken in GST council Meet will be in top priority of ProfitAim for stock option tips, stock cash Tips and stock future tips.