SEBI Soon launches Weekly Futures on Nifty and other Stocks, like Bank Nifty

SEBI may soon accept Nifty and Weekly Futures in other shares like Bank Nifty. A decision can be taken in the meeting of SEBI on Monday. 7 issues will be discussed in the meeting of SEBI on Monday. Weekly futures will also be discussed. Recently, NSE has just got the discount of Weekly Bank Nifty option, no exchange permission from Weekly Future has not been approved.
In this meeting, FII and Domestic Institute can get some relief for block deals and the framework of security lending and borying can also be reconsidered. Apart from this, a decision can be taken to create stringent rules for preventing fraud in off-market transactions.

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Stock Market Trends: Uptrend and Downtrend

Trend refers to the direction of a stock market or if the stock price. It can be vary from  short to intermediate, to long term.

Bullish Market or Uptrend

When the stock price makes a move up then we would say that the stock is in uptrend and a vice versa when the stock price makes a move down then we call would say that the stock is in downtrend. However, the next move surpasses the previous high and again it corrects. The next move again surpasses the previous high.

If the market makes new highs – it’s like climbing steps; if you are blindfolded and every step you take is a higher step so you know that you are climbing upstairs that means a trend is up and you are blindfolded but your next step is lower and lower and lower, so that is the inverse.

Bearish Market or Downtrend

When the price of an asset or a security decreases steadily over a period of time, it is said that the price is in a downtrend.

This means that when the price of an asset moves in a particular direction, it does not move in a straight line. There may be small peaks and troughs: highs and lows within the trend. A downtrend can therefore be identified by continuously lower highs and lower lows.

So, the moment the market starts making newer lows you know that you are in a downtrend.

When we see at the bigger moves in the market they are all – one of the underlying principles is higher tops and higher bottoms and in an uptrend lower tops and lower bottoms in a downtrend and it is as simple as that.

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Stck market technical Indiacators

An Introduction to Stock Market Technical Indicators

Stock Market is a Place from where huge wealth can be amassed, if a proper strategy is followed. The support from Technical advisory companies can be taken to trade effectively in the Stock Market. These advisory firms provide tips in form of Stock Cash Tips and Stock Futures Tips.

The advisory companies have a team of Expert Technical advisors, who on the basis of their in-depth technical and fundamental analysis provide advice to trade. Advice in all the segments like Futures segment, Options segment and Cash segment can be taken from them.

In case of technical analysis the graphs of the price movement V/S time are generally drawn. The price unit is in INR and time frame can be chosen according to convenience. The Time Period of 1 min, 5 Min, 15 Min, 1 Hr etc any-thing can be chosen based on the analysis requirements. Along with the price charts, various indicators like RSI, Moving Averages, MACD etc can also be used. The technical indicators are based on various studies and various mathematical formulations.

Moving Average: Technical Analyst’s Trend Indicator

Moving average is an indicator which is used by many analysts. The moving average is a trend indicator and identifies the current trend. The trend can be up trend, down trend or flat trend. The market thus can be bullish, bearish or range bound.

The moving averages are also of different types. The common are simple moving average (SMA) and Exponential Moving Average. In SMA or Simple Moving Average the average of n periods is calculated and displayed on the graph. In case of an EMA or Exponential Moving Average, an exponentially increasing factor is also multiplied to the moving average. The EMA has a faster response, as compared to an SMA. For intraday trading, the SMA and EMA of period 5, 10, 20 etc are used depending on the time frame chosen.

The moving average cross over strategy is an important strategy used by many analysts. It is a kind of trend following strategy. Two moving averages of different periods are drawn and their movement along with the price movement is watched. One of the moving averages is slow one and one is the fast one. The cross-over of the two moving averages is seen as the signal of trend change and thus appropriate trades can be executed. If the trend is changing from a down trend to an up-trend the buy trade can be executed. Similarly if the trend has changed from an up-trend to a down trend, the sell trade can be executed.

Thus, one can easily execute the trend following strategies by utilizing moving averages. Both the SMA (Simple Moving Average) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average) can be used for this purpose. The results with EMA are better than results with SMA.

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Intradaing Tips and Stock option tips By ProfitAim

Trading Tips Applicable on Today’s Friday Market

By keeping an eye on every movement of shares, your investment can be safely done. Here ProfitAim experts are telling intraday Trading tips of such stocks which will give high earning opportunities. Also subscribe to our stock option tips

Tata Chemical : Buy, StopLoss – 605, Target – Rs 643

Cadila Health : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 503, Target – Rs 535

Tatasteel: Buy, StopLoss – 650, Target –  666/672

Hindalco: Buy, StopLoss – 250.8, Target – 255/257

VEDL: Buy, StopLoss – 7.8, Target – 11.5/13

Hexaware : buy, stoploss – 266 bucks, target – 282 rupees

Tata Alexey : Buy, StopLoss – Rs. 1760, Target – 1900

Voltas : Buy, Stoplaus – Rs 528, Target – Rs 555

Godfrey Phillips : Buy, StopLoss – Rs. 1020, Target – Rs. 1100