Earn Huge Amount Through Best Intraday Stock Cash Tips

Trading in the Equity Market is not an Easy thing for most of the People. The reason for this is it requires a lot of Investment to earn good amount out of Trading in the Stock market and also it involves risk of incurring loss and loosing lot of Money.For accurate trading he has to rely on Stock Cash Tips from some good Stock Cash Tips Provider. For the trader who wants to earn good profit with small investment can trade in the form of Intraday Trading. In Intraday trading the limit of trading amount is five to ten times the actual amount deposited. Thus the trader can earn good amount with small investment and with small price movements.

The advisory firms give advice to the traders about when to buy a trade and when to exit the trade. They provide proper levels of the entry and exit in the trade. Also, they provide proper stop loss levels along with best stock cash tips and sure shot cash tips so that the trader is prevented from incurring heavy losses.

Pair Stock Strategy: Specifically for Small Investments

If the trader doesn’t want to rely on the advice of the advisory firms they can base their trade on some strategy like pair stock strategy. In this strategy first a pair of stock is chosen which have similar price movements. Then these stocks are watched for deviation. When the deviation reaches a maximum or critical level the buy and sell signals are initiated. One of the stocks of the pair is bought and other is shorted. Thus, when both the stocks move towards minimizing the deviation and towards their mean position profit is made in the trade. But in this strategy, deciding the levels of critical deviation at which the buy and the sell signals are initiated is important. Also, it is advised to trade with the stop loss, even while using this strategy. Thus big money can be made using some strategies and with minimum investments using Intraday trading.

Make Trading a “Piece of Cake” With Proper Guidance

Trading can become a piece of cake if the trader gets a proper guidance. The trader can trade in the Equity markets and Comex markets if he wants to trade in the commodity markets. The trader can take the help and advice of the advisory firms like ProfitAim Research, that provide adequate advice in the form of equity trading signals and Comex signals. ProfitAim Research is an reputed share market research company which has experienced technical analysts. These technical analysts perform in depth analysis on the Comex and Equity Markets and generate proper buy and sell signals. These advisory firms provide proper levels of buy and sell in the form of stock cash tips and also stop loss levels to exit the trade without losing much.

Only for Commodity Traders

In Commodity markets various commodities and their relative price Indexes are listed. Thus, due to economic events and other news related to world economic affairs, the price fluctuations are observed in the Equity and Comex markets. The trader can trade in various commodities in the Comex Markets. The Comex markets list various commodities like Comex gold, Comex silver and also petroleum products like natural gas and crude oil.

Book Fantastic Profits With Equity Trading Tips

These Stocks that will give fantastic profits to the clients of ProfitAim Research. Traders trading in option, future, and cash ensure their profits earning with best option tips, stock future tips, and stock cash tips.

PNB: Sell , Stop Loss 143.5, Target  139/137

RELCAPITAL: Buy , Stop Loss 7, Target 13/16

Dr. Reddy’s: Buy, Stop Loss 2450, Target 2550

HDFC: Buy StopLoss 1770, Target 1850

Ajanta Pharma: Buy, Stop Loss 1239, Target 1293

Top Five Equity Trading Tips for Beginners

Top Five Equity Trading Tips for Beginners

A new trader who is beginning his trading career in Stock market may get confused easily and can incur losses in the stock trading. The trader should try to take advice from some pioneer advisory firms like ProfitAim Research, which provide best share market tips in the form of Stock Cash Tips, Stock Future Tips as well as stock option tips.

Tips beneficial for Stock Trading or Equity Trading

Below, we are discussing the top five equity trading tips which the traders must follow before jumping into the equity markets.

  • The Trader should first learn the basics

The traders should first learn the basics and should try to acquire knowledge about the market before start trading right away. There are high risks for the beginners to incur losses in the market.

  • The Trader should learn some trading strategy and should try to stick to it.

The trader should follow some strategy and master it before start investing in the market. The trader can do practice and can do a lot of paper-trade before start investing the real money in the market.

  • The Trader should not get overwhelmed by the market situations

The trader should not get overwhelmed and should also not get enticed by the market situation. In fact the trader should keep his calm while trading.

  • The Trader should not panic when the trade moves in the opposite direction than anticipated

While trading there is a possibility that the trade may go in the opposite direction and we may incur loss. In this case the trader should act calmly and should be overcome by the results.

  • The Trader should not trade too much

The trader should try to do limited trading. He should not be swayed away by the emotion of eagerness and greed.


Thus above are the ways a trader trading in the Equity market should keep in mind while trading. Also they can learn the art of trading by learning technical analysis. The technical analysis is a whole in depth field and requires time to master. By devoting time and support of  stock future tips he can be successful in the Stock Future market.

Some of the important concepts used in technical analysis are plotting the charts of various indicators. Indicators like moving averages and oscillators like RSI are the prime indexes to anticipate the price movements. The various characteristics shown in the charts like crossing of two different moving averages will give appropriate buy or sell signals.

Trading with the Help of Charts

Trading based on study of charts is the branch of Technical Analysis. The charts are plotted between the price movements on the Y axis and Time on the X axis. The time axis can be taken based on the analyst’s choice. For example the charts can be 5 minute chart, 1 hour chart or 1 day chart, depending on the time frame of analyst’s needs. Also, various indicators are plotted to generate the buy and sell signals.

A trader can rely on the Stock Future Tips and Commodity Tips generated by expert technical analysts or can also trade on his own by learning the Technical Analysis.

IPO of SBI Life- Valuation By Experts

IPO of SBI Life- Valuation By Experts

It has been proved that, SBI Life Insurance ranks higher than any other private life insurer. It leads in new business premium growth, claim settlement ratio and product mix. We observe that SBI Life has good persistency ratio of >60% in 61st month (meaning 60%+ people do not stop paying premium at the end of 5th year)

ProfitAim Research focus in every stream of share market, as every updates or news affects the price movements of the stocks. Our market experts derive Stock cash tips and sure shot and Intraday Stock Cash tips after proper market analysis.

Issue Date: Sep 20, 2017 – Sep 22, 2017

Face Value: INR 10 per equity share

Issue Size: Offer for Sale of 120,000,000 Equity Shares

Issue Size: Rs 8,400.00 Cr

Price Band: Rs 685 – Rs 700 Per Equity Share

Market Lot: 21 Shares approx

Minimum Order Quantity: 21 Shares

Listing at: BSE, NSE 

About the company

SBI Life Insurance Company Limited (SBI Life) is the largest life insurance company in  India in terms of New Business Premium (NBP) with the highest 20.04% market share. It was incorporated in March 2001 as a joint venture between largest PSU bank SBI(74%) and global insurance company BNP Paribas Cardif (BNPPC) (26%) with equity capital of Rs.125Cr. Initially, the business was operated only through the agency channel with 719 advisors and by end of FY03 bancassurance channel was launched, which has now become an immense network covering rural and urban India. In FY06,SBI Life became the first private life insurance company to achieve profits above the breakeven with Rs.2.03Cr profit. Today, they have pan-India presence through multi-level distribution channels comprising 803 branches with an AUM of Rs.101226Cr.

  • SBI Life, sixteen year old company is the most trusted name in the Indian life insurance industry.
  • They are among the top 4 private life insurers having 24.2% CAGR renewal premium growth in FY14-17 and being the most cost efficient with just 11.6% total cost ratio.
  • Multichannel distribution network is the strength of business comprises the largest bancassurance network with 26,367 branches and the most productive agency workforce of 95,355 individual agents.

Technical Strategies Followed by ProfitAim Research Analysts

Comex trading is not as difficult as it seems to be. Comex trading can be learnt with consistent efforts. The main concept in the trading is to anticipate Comex Trading signals. Based on the Comex signals forecasting the buy and the sell trades are initiated. Also if the person trading in the Comex markets is a beginner he can take help of advisory firm like ProfitAim Research. These advisory firms provide free comex trading signals as well as Stock Future Tips for the Stock Market in the beginning. And once the trading is turning profitable with the help of comex signals provided by the advisory firm they can continue with the paid subscription.

How Expert Panel Works?

These advisory firms have professional and experienced technical analysts who on the basis of the in-depth research done creates the calls or give us buy and sell levels with stop losses. These analysts also use several strategies to anticipate the price movements. Some of the example strategies are intraday first 15 Minutes strategy and gap strategy.

Intraday first 15 Minutes strategy

In the Intraday first 15 Minutes strategy the range or the movement of the prices of the Commodity is identified. And then a breakout from this range after one hour of trading is looked upon. This breakout is looked upon as the starting point of trend formation. Thus the trader can then trade in the direction of the trend.

Gap strategy

The other strategy is the gap strategy. The gap is the difference between the yesterday’s close and today’s opening price levels. This gap can be positive or negative, can be small or big. Thus, it is based on the gap type and magnitude the price movements are anticipated. Some of the techniques followed are gap fill techniques or gap break out techniques. The gap strategy is also an important strategy to make profits from the commodity markets.

Technical Indicators

Apart from these strategies, many technical indicators are used in analysis of the price graphs. One such indicator which is widely used is RSI or relative strength index. The RSI indicator takes a value between 0 and 100. The higher value of RSI indicates that the market is overbought and the lower value of the indicator indicates that the market is oversold. Typically the level of 70 and 30 are taken as the threshold values. A value of RSI above 70 is considered as overbought and a value of RSI below 30 is considered as oversold. The market shows a minimum or maximum price at these values. Thus the trend reversal is evident at these points and appropriate buy or sell positions can be taken to benefit from the anticipated trend reversal.

A trader can trade on the commodities like comex gold, comex silver and also on petroleum based commodities like natural gas and crude oil. They can take the benefits of the services offered by the top advisory firms like ProfitAim Research and can make money easily. Apart from the Stock future tips and share market tips, the calls in the commodity segment can also be availed and one can trade with an edge in the commodity market too.

Take Maximum Advantage from these Comex Trading Strategy

Comex trading is not difficult, but it takes time to master the art. A person who wants to earn good profits through commodity trading must learn technical analysis first. He can take the help of renowned advisors and Technical analysts. One such advisory firm is ProfitAim Research, which provide accurate Stock Cash Tips, Stock Future Tips as well as Commodity Tips.

If the trader or the investor has some excellent strategy, the chances of success in the financial market are high. Risk Management as well as Wealth management has significant importance in the financial market. While the Risk management deals with the limiting of the loss, the wealth management deals with the division of the invested amount in parts and the diversification of the portfolio.

The traders as well as investors can follow one of the following strategies:

Trading based on Charts

Trading based on the charts is one of the inherent field of Technical analysis. The charts of price movements versus the time scale are the most important one. The price movements or fluctuations are plotted on the y axis and the time units are plotted on the x axis. The time units or scale is decided by the user. For example the unit of time can be minutes, hours or days. The most important types of charts are:

  1. Line Charts
  2. Candle stick charts

In case of line charts the price is interpolated between various price levels and line charts is plotted with respect to time. In case of Candle stick charts, the candles are drawn which shows the start point, the end point, the high as well as low in a specific period.

Trading based on Intraday Strategies:

An efficient way of anticipating comex signals is by following some strategies. An example of strategy is a first hour intraday strategy. In this strategy the range of price fluctuation in the first hour is watched. Then the trend is assumed to be formed on the break out of the high and low of the range in the first hour. Thus, if the price breakout from the high of the first hour a buy signal is initiated. On the other hand, if the price breakout is from the low of the first hour price range a sell signal is initiated. Thus in this strategy a trend is assumed to be formed after one hour of trading.

One can also follow the strategy of EMA Crossover. In case of EMA crossover, the Exponential Moving Averages of 5 as well as 10 periods are drawn along with the price. The crossover of the 2 EMAs is watched and the buy as well as sell signals are initiated at these crossovers. The position once entered, is exited at the next crossover. Thus, this strategy provides both the entry as well as exit signals. Instead of EMAs, the SMAs or Simple Moving averages of Appropriate Periods can also be used.

The trader can also trade based on the advice from some expert comex advisory firm in the form of Stock Cash Tips or Comex Tips to trade profitably.

Get Free Stock Option Tips for Today’s Trading

Today Market will be flat, here ProfitAim comes with Free Stock option Tips. Traders who are seeking for option tips for today, they should try these stock option tips-

Vedanta: Buy, Stoploss Rs 318, Target 335

GAIL: Buy, StopLoss 415, Target 435

ICICI Bank: Buy, Stoploss Rs. 291.70, Target Rs. 301

STAR: Buy, Stoploss 1012, Target 1040/1052

HPCL: Sell, Stoploss 463, Target 452/447

Indiabull Housing: Buy, Stoploss 19.5, Target 30/35

Become Successful Forex Trader With Plan of Action

Trading in Forex is not a cake walk.  One can take the help of expert advisory firms like ProfitAim Research for both the Stock Future Tips as well as Forex Tips. The risks are considerably lower in the case of Forex Market as compared to the Stock Market as the volume in case of Forex Market is much higher, as compared to the Stock Market. The Forex market is more assuming as compared to the commodity market or the Equity Market.

One must try to gain good knowledge about the forex market before start investing and start trading. One must firstly make sure to learn the basics of the Forex trading which is inherited in the form of Technical analysis. The technical analysis is a field in which the charts of price movements are plotted. The scale of the time axis in the charts is user defined. For example, a Technical Analyst can plot the charts of the price movements with 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 12 Days or 1 month. Thus, based on whether the trader is an intraday trader, short term trader or a long term trader the time scale changes accordingly.

In technical analysis, the charts of different indicators like MACD or moving averages are studied and plotted. The crossover of one particular moving average with the other moving average gives the signal for buying or selling. If the increase in the price of forex signal is anticipated, a buy signal or a buy call is usually given. On the other hand, if the technical analysis suggests a fall in the price of the currency, a Sell call is suggested to the trader. The basic principle is to buy at a lesser price and sell at a higher price.

RSI indicator: Relative Strength Indicator

One can use RSI indicator, which is also known as Relative Strength Indicator. This indicator helps to find the overbought and oversold levels. At overbought as well as oversold levels, there is a high probability of the trend reversal. Thus one can take appropriate positions, after these oversold and overbought levels are evident.

Besides the technical analysis the trader can also adopt trend, based trading or trading with the trends. In this particular case, the trend of the market is recognized to be up trend or down trend, based on the type of the trend a buy or sell call is initiated. Also, it is generally advised to trade in the direction of the trend and not against the direction of the trend.

News Based Sureshot Future Tips

The news based trading is also very popular among many traders as the news has an immediate and a prominent impact over the price movements. The trader can also take the advice of the renowned advisory firms like ProfitAim Research if he doesn’t want to perform the analysis himself. He can avail quality stock future tips as well as Forex tips to trade with edge in both the Stock Market and Forex Market. Thus, if the trader follows the above mentioned instructions, he can become a successful trader in the Forex market.

How to Trade in COMEX Market?

The Stock Market and Commodity Market are the platforms, where huge wealth can be amassed, when a proper strategy is followed. The traders and the investors can trade on the NSE as well as BSE, based on the Stock Cash tips from Technical analysts. Similarly for the investors and traders, who want to trade in the Commodity market can trade on Commodity Tips.

A trader who wants to trade profitably in stock market like BSE or NSE or commodity market like MCX or COMEX, a proper knowledge about the various tactics involved and the various strategies which can be adopted should be there. While trading on the commodity market in COMEX, the key is to forecast the price movements or anticipate whether there will be an increase in price or decrease in price. That is to understand the comex signals is the most important part. Thus if the trader has correctly anticipated that the price are going to fall he can sell the commodity and then at a subsequent time can buy it to make a profit in the trade. On the other hand, if a trader has forecasted that the price of a particular commodity is going to rise, he can then buy the commodity and then sell it at a subsequent time after the price of commodity has been raised.  Thus the general Idea is to anticipate the comex signals and buy at a low price and sell at a higher price.

Adopt These Strategies to trade in COMEX Market

A trader who wants to trade in the COMEX market can use one of the following strategies.

  • Trading based on Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Comex Trading based on the national and international news
  • Trading based on the advice of the stock and commodity market advisory.

Out of the three main ways a trader can adopt, the advice from the advisory firm is the most adequate method for a beginner or a newbie. These advisory firms have expert fundamental and technical analysts, who do an in depth technical analysis and anticipate the price movements or Comex signals easily. They can give us the advice regarding whether to buy or sell a commodity at a particular price and they give the buy and sell calls along with a proper stop loss so that the trader is protected from incurring heavy losses. The risk management principles protect the interest of the trader, when there is an abrupt fluctuation in the Comex signals.

It is advised that the trader and the investors should not directly invest their money in the commodity market. They should try some free platform in the beginning and should try to practice the commodity trading. This way they will understand that on following the particular strategy, whether there is a possibility of making profit. Also, one can modify the strategy based on the experience of the free trading.

At advisory firm they provide accurate tips in form of Stock Cash Tips and Commodity Tips to trade the Comex Platform Profitably. ProfitAim Research is an expert advisory firm providing the stock as well as commodity tips.

Trading Tips for Today’s Bullish Market

Market Pre-Opening Update: Nifty Trading At 10153 (+67) Market Will Be Flat To Positive, Please Wait For Our Strong Confirmation. Today is Bullish trend, ProfitAim will satisfy their clients with profit earning stock option tips and stock cash tips.

Titan : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 641, Target – 653

SRF : Buy, Stoploss – Rs. 1629, Target – 1659

Biocon : Buy, StopLoss – Rs. 349, Target – 370 Rs

Cipla : Buy, StopLoss – 562 RS, Target – Rs 585

Axis Bank : Buy, Stoploss – Rs 520, Target – Rs 532

Indiabulls Housing Finance : Buy, Stoploss – Rs. 1295, Target – 1315-1323

Narayan Hridayalaya : Buy, Stoploss – Rs. 296, Target – 311

Coal India : Buy, StopLoss – 260.8, Target – 273

Divis Lab: Buy, StopLoss – 848, Target – 870/880

Glenmark: Buy, StopLoss – 608, Target – 622/630

SUNTV: Buy, StopLoss- 21, Target – 28/32